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Flexible Work Fest – Thursday 30 January

Jan 2020

FWA is looking forward to attending Family Friendly Working Scotland in Edinburgh on Thursday 30th January. It is Scotland’s inaugural FlexibleWorkFest, and will be a full day of innovation and celebration of all things FLEX! It offers a great opportunity to get involved in FlexibleWorkFest – helping organisations to turn flexible working into rocket fuel – […]

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Rainmaker Masterclass – Friday 24th January

Jan 2020

FWA is looking forward to joining Kissing with Confidence for a limited-edition Rainmaker Masterclass event today, Friday 24th January at The Lighthouse in Glasgow. The aim of the event is to leave energised, inspired and armed with a range of tools for guaranteed business growth.  Frasia is really looking forward to the fast-paced learning journey that today brings! […]

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