FWA provide Interim Solutions to our client's short-term recruitment needs

At FWA, we have developed our own unique Interim Solutions™ Division. This innovative addition to our service allows us to utilise our years of experience and considerable knowledge of the legal recruitment market to provide Interim Solutions to short-term recruitment and project needs of our clients.

This approach is based on maximising cost-effectiveness and precision, ensuring we match you with the candidates whose skills and experiences align best with your company culture and are best suited to meet your goals as a business.

Looking for Lawyers on an Interim Basis?

At any given time, FWA has a carefully selected group of qualified lawyers registered who prefer to offer their services on a short-term or project basis.

Increasingly, lawyers are opting for interim roles, drawn by the flexibility to balance work with personal milestones, such as returning from maternity leave or a sabbatical, or the pursuit of varied legal experiences in the UK market.

This trend not only allows legal professionals greater control over their careers but also enables firms to address temporary staffing requirements effectively.

Whether filling in for absences, strengthening for major cases, or testing potential for permanent roles, FWA’s approach aligns with the current market dynamics and individual career aspirations of our candidates, ensuring a seamless fit for temporary legal staffing needs.

Firms and organisations may elect to retain the services of a lawyer as an Interim Solution for any number of reasons. They may wish to ensure that they have adequate cover for maternity leave, sick leave or even holidays, or require additional assistance for a major project. It may even be that they decide to bring in an interim lawyer in anticipation that a role might become a permanent one. In challenging times, it may also ensure their services are not inhibited by an inability to recruit on a permanent basis.


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If you would like to explore this more, we would be very happy to discuss how we can be of assistance to you by providing Interim Solutions and adding value to your recruitment process going forward.

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