The FWA Specialist Divisions were set up in order to ensure that candidates, as well as clients, would benefit from the specialist expertise of the most appropriate of our recruitment consultant teams. This continues to work very successfully, and candidates have come to appreciate and recognise the value of this dedicated service.

FWA NQ Outlook™

At Frasia Wright Associates our NQ Outlook™ specialist division is directed at the trainee lawyer approaching qualification and the recently qualified lawyer, both in search of that first post-qualification position. Securing your first NQ position can be a daunting prospect, even more so in an uncertain market. Our approach is a practical one, designed specifically to advise and guide you through the process with professional integrity and absolute confidentiality. Our aim is to ensure that you make career choices appropriate for you, and that you find the right position at the right time.

Each of the Frasia Wright Associates’ NQ Outlook™ Specialist Consultants is familiar with the NQ recruitment market and will be able to answer any questions you may have and provide relevant, current and appropriate advice to enable you to secure the offer which most suits your career aspirations, knowledge and experience.

FWA PartnerSelection™

Our PartnerSelection™ division provides a thoroughly confidential service to firms, partners, senior associates on the verge of seeking partnership and teams requiring a more sophisticated approach to recruitment appropriate to the senior levels.

Timing is everything. We recognise the importance of making the right career choices at the right time. By taking the time to listen to you and by discussing the options open to you, we’ll provide you with honest and objective advice on progressing your career to a more senior level, making sure your long-term plan is within your sights.

Our specialist Partner Selection™ consultants offer senior level lawyers guidance on career planning, and an innovative approach to CV presentation, briefing on firms / organisations and interview preparation, all of which are vital during this stage of your career.

FWA CareerWatch™

CareerWatch™ is FWA’s specialist senior associate career clinic aimed at lawyers at assistant and associate level.

We offer an honest and objective service to enable you to assess your current situation, and provide you with practical advice to assist you in making the right choices to leverage or expand your skills and successfully map the way forward.

FWA CareerGateway™

Assistant level lawyers benefit from the expertise of our CareerGateway™ division.

Our specialist consultants offer guidance on career planning, and an innovative approach to CV presentation, briefing on firms / organisations and interview preparation, all of which are vital during the early years of your career as a qualified lawyer.

FWA In-house™

For a variety of different reasons, there has in recent years been a significant increase in the number of lawyers, at all levels and stages in their careers, keen to pursue in-house roles.

There has also been a greater demand in the legal recruitment market for lawyers looking to make the move in-house.

The in-house sector is diverse and presents a wide range of industry-specific recruitment needs.

FWA Interim Solutions™

Our Interim Solutions™ Division has created an opportunity for us at FWA to use our years of experience, as well as our considerable knowledge of the legal recruitment market and our client relationships, to present to our candidates an increasing number of opportunities on a short-term basis. Interim roles are not restricted to private practice, and are just as common in in-house roles and in the public sector. In the same way there are no restrictions as to practice areas or levels of seniority, and lawyers at all levels and across all practice areas may be of relevance, depending on the needs of the firm or organisation at the time in question.

If you would like to join our Interim community of lawyers and hear about an exciting range of Interim positions throughout Scotland then follow our registration process here.


Sometimes seen as a luxury resource in any firm, our FWA PSL™ division was set up in 2000 in recognition that capture, control and dissemination of a law firms – ‘know-how’ is key to its success.

And so the role of the professional support lawyer or ‘PSL’ – qualified lawyers who do non-fee earning work in support of a particular team’s fee-earners – has evolved as a vital resource.

England & Overseas

Although FWA is based in Scotland, we also operate in the English and overseas legal recruitment markets – assisting both lawyers who wish to return to Scotland from further afield and those who are interested in re-locating abroad or elsewhere in the UK.

If you are contemplating a move to or a return to Scotland and would to learn more about how relocating to Scotland could enhance your career or quality of life, click here to visit our Working in Scotland page. For those of you interested in working overseas, please click here to visit our Working Overseas pages.

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