It can be confusing for anyone trying to secure their first NQ position. Our NQ Outlook™ Process and Timeline provide a simple guide to get you started.

When to begin the process

Every firm sets a recruitment plan each year before beginning its NQ recruitment drive.

It is always hard to predict how the NQ market will be in any given year. As a result of the post-COVID recruitment boom, 2022 was one of the busiest years on record. This resulted in increased recruitment at all levels and a particular demand for junior lawyers across all disciplines.

In 2023 there was a decrease in the level of activity, but the market nonetheless remained strong and a diverse range of opportunities were available across most disciplines.

It is always hard to predict with complete certainty when the first positions will arise and so we would recommend that you start preparing your CV as early as possible, allowing you to apply for suitable positions when they become available.


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