Our clients recruit for a number of reasons, from expansion to rationalisation, from merger to building specialist departments, from losing key people to investing in numbers.

Regardless of the reason the process remains relatively the same, it involves engaging with the market of lawyers across Scotland or further afield, and you might be choosing to do this directly or through recruitment consultancies like FWA. Going it alone can be an attractive prospect, you advertise on the basis of your reputation and deal directly with enquiries. However, working with recruiters brings another dimension that, if used correctly, will prove to be invaluable.

It’s all about who you know and what you know…

A good recruitment consultancy will know your business.  They will also know what is happening across the market.  They will be able to advise you on what lawyers in the market are thinking, what they are looking for, why they are moving between firms or organisations. They will be able to tell you honestly about market rates and benefits packages. Working with recruitment consultancies can bring a better sense of urgency, because they are taking care of the side of the business that is crucial to the strategic development of your business, but that is highly demanding of your time and energy. CVs don’t sit languishing on our desks, our market is too competitive to let that happen. Because our job is to understand the commercial imperatives in your market, ongoing communication throughout the process ensures that all time spent with you is absolutely focused on your needs.

Show me the money… maybe

As our own analysis shows that for lawyers it is not always about the money. There are a number of benefits you can nicely bundle together that can turn a move to your firm or organisation into the most appealing option.  And this can begin even before the actual offer. The first impression you leave with the interviewing candidate will be forever ingrained in their memory. If you can offer flexibility on interview times, give enough notice if dates need to change, and work with your recruitment consultancy to ensure the whole package is successfully communicated to them. Money is important, and offering going market rates also shows that you have your finger on the pulse, but there are other ways to show potential employees they will feel valued.

We firmly believe that...

The closer we work together the greater understanding we have of your business, your goals, and the better we can represent you in the market. Don’t take the short-term and short–sighted approach. Successful recruitment is based on solid relationships. You might say that we would say that… it’s in our interest to make ourselves indispensable to the recruitment needs of our clients.  We believe we are… because, like you, we also specialise in the building of strong teams of lawyers across Scotland.

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