Enhance your recruitment strategy with FWA.

Whether your goals involve expansion, creating specialist departments, or navigating mergers, our expertise adds invaluable depth to your process. Partnering with FWA will offer you a strategic advantage that will prove invaluable.

It’s all about who you know and what you know…

The best recruitment consultancies know your business and the markets inside out. This knowledge gives us the perfect opportunity to advise you on what lawyers in the market are thinking, what they are looking for, and why they are moving between firms or organisations.

Working with us will increase urgency while saving you time and energy. CVs don’t sit languishing on our desks, our market is too competitive to let that happen. Because our job is to understand the commercial imperatives in your market, ongoing communication throughout the process ensures that all time spent with you is focused on your needs.

Making the right offer

Offering a comprehensive benefits package and creating a positive first impression are key strategies to make your firm the top choice for legal professionals. Beyond competitive salaries, showcasing your firm’s culture, flexibility, and commitment to candidate experience can significantly enhance appeal. Working closely with a recruitment consultancy ensures these values are effectively communicated.

Long Term Excellence

The closer we work together the greater understanding we have of your business, your goals, and the better we can represent you in the market. We never take a short–sighted approach; our success is built on long-term relationships. FWA is indispensable to so many firms across Scotland because we specialise in building remarkable teams of lawyers for our clients.

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