Comprehensive Candidate Support – Taking your career to the next level

FWA is dedicated to providing comprehensive support to candidates, offering free services such as career guidance, CV advice, and interview preparation to help navigate the challenges of job seeking, especially in times of uncertainty.

Our focus is on empowering candidates through informed decisions and enhancing employability, ensuring each CV showcases the candidate’s strengths, work experience, and personality effectively.

At FWA we understand exactly what type of attributes recruiting firms and organisations are looking for. Our consultants work with you to develop the content of your CV and ensure it clearly communicates your strengths and highlights what sets you apart.

Our candidate-centric approach is designed to build long-term relationships and support career progression at every stage.

Let your CV do all the talking

No matter what stage you are at in your career, having a well-drafted CV prepared is crucial. Your CV is your most important tool for marketing yourself, and is the determining factor in whether or not you make it to the interview stage.

At FWA we know exactly what recruiting firms and organisations are looking for when picking up a CV.

Our consultants will work with you to develop the content of your CV and ensure that it clearly communicates your experience, strengths and personality. Any CV sent by FWA to a prospective employer will be professionally prepared by one of our in-house CV specialists, and will only contain information which has been approved by you.

A poor CV is an immediate red flag for an employer, make sure yours stands out for the right reasons.

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