At FWA, we have developed our own unique Interim Solutions™ Division. This innovative addition to our service allows us to utilise our years of experience and considerable knowledge of the legal recruitment market to provide Interim Solutions to short-term recruitment and project needs of our clients.

This approach is based on maximising cost-effectiveness and precision, ensuring we match you with the candidates whose skills and experiences align best with your company culture and are best suited to meet your goals as a business.

Interim roles are not restricted to private practice, and are just as common in in-house roles and in the public sector.

In the same way, there are no restrictions as to practice areas or levels of seniority. Lawyers at all levels and across all practice areas may be of relevance, depending on the needs of the firm or organisation at the time in question.

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If you would like to join our Interim community of lawyers and hear about an exciting range of Interim positions throughout Scotland then follow our registration process.

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