Our Interim Solutions™ Division has created an opportunity for us at FWA to use our years of experience, as well as our considerable knowledge of the legal recruitment market and our client relationships, to present to our candidates an increasing number of opportunities on a short-term basis.

More and more lawyers now choose to work on an interim or project basis. For some it is an opportunity to return to or enter the market when maternity leave or even a sabbatical come to an end. It provides foreign qualified lawyers with experience of working in the UK , and may help them to bridge the gap while looking for a more permanent opportunity. For many, however, it is a very firm and clear preference and provides them with the ability to exercise more control over their working life. Of course, it may also be the best way for a lawyer who has been made redundant to continue to build his or her experience. It is also not uncommon for lawyers taking on an interim role to remain in the role on a permanent basis, particularly if they find that the experience offers them the right kind of work and is a good cultural fit.

Similarly many firms and organisations may elect to retain the services of a lawyer as an Interim Solution for any number of reasons. They may wish to ensure that they have adequate cover for maternity leave, sick leave or even holidays, or require additional assistance for a major project. It may even be that they decide to bring in an interim lawyer in anticipation that a role might become a permanent one. In challenging times, it may also ensure their services are not inhibited by an inability to recruit on a permanent basis.

Interim roles are not restricted to private practice, and are just as common in in-house roles and in the public sector. In the same way there are no restrictions as to practice areas or levels of seniority, and lawyers at all levels and across all practice areas may be of relevance, depending on the needs of the firm or organisation at the time in question.

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