Bringing clients discretion and expertise

Frasia Wright Associates offers to its clients two distinct services, each provided with our trademark discretion and acknowledged expertise within the legal recruitment market.

Primarily operating as a recruitment agency, we place lawyers in permanent positions within legal firms, industry and the public sector as well as providing Interim Solutions for short-term needs.

In addition, however, we also offer a merger consultancy service which, essentially, provides clients, who are looking to merge with other firms or practices, with relevant and practical advice and assistance in finding the right cultural and commerical fit for them.

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FWA Client Services

Recruitment Services

As a recruitment agency, we conduct both advertised selection and database search, making a strategic decision as to the most suitable method or combination of methods for each assignment, taking into consideration the brief of the recruiting firm or organisation, its own profile and culture, and prevailing market trends.

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Interim Solutions

Our Interim Solutions™ Division has created an opportunity for us at FWA to use our years of experience, as well as our considerable knowledge of the legal recruitment market, to provide Interim Solutions to the short-term recruitment or project needs of our clients as cost effectively as possible.

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Merger Consultancy Services

We provide is assistance in finding the right cultural and commercial match, alleviating some of the pressure which goes hand-in-hand with merger activity.

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FWA Publications

If you would like to know more about Frasia Wright Associates and the services we offer, you will find more information in our client publications.

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Get the most out of us

Our clients recruit for a number of reasons, from expansion to rationalisation, from merger to building specialist departments, from losing key people to investing in numbers.

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