Frasia Wright Associates is committed to providing equal treatment and equal opportunities in the selection of candidates on behalf of their clients.

As a member of the REC (Recruitment & Employment Confederation) we commit to their Diversity Pledge, to harness the talent and potential of everyone to achieve business success. Open and inclusive recruitment processes ensure employers have a greater pool of talent to choose from. It is proven that diverse workforces lead to better staff retention rates, a great understanding of different markets and a more creative mix of people. Diversity is not only good in itself but also good for business. We play an important role in helping clients to encourage candidates from all backgrounds to apply for roles with confidence.

Candidates will not be discriminated against on the grounds of gender, gender reassignment, pregnancy, marital status, age, race, colour, ethnic background, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, religion, religious or similar belief. Every individual will be treated with dignity and respect.

All vacancies which are advertised by FWA on behalf of its clients will be advertised / publicised in a manner that encourages equal opportunities. All applications for employment will be considered on merit in accordance with the spirit of this policy.

FWA will not discriminate against a person: – on the terms on which FWA offers to provide its services; – by refusing or deliberately not providing any of its services; – in the way it provides its services.

If FWA receives instructions from a client which it believes may be discriminatory it will discuss this with the client. FWA will only implement the instructions if it is satisfied that that they are not discriminatory. An example of this may be where, on the face of it, an instruction appears to discriminate on the grounds of age, but where the client is able to point to a genuine occupational requirement of age for the post. FWA may ask the client for written confirmation of their instructions and the circumstances supporting the instructions.

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