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Sep 2018

What’s expected of you at Partner Level

You possibly didn’t choose a career in law to develop your selling skills. Or perhaps you see yourself more as a strategic manager developing business and re-branding the firm. Whatever your ambitions at this stage in your career, and with increasing competition not only from the UK but also overseas, law firms have had to be open to changing their strategies. They have had to set higher standards in hiring lawyers at every level in a bid to attract and retain the best talent within the firm.

You should aim to influence the key decision-makers whilst demonstrating the following:

  • Commercial Acumen – You may be asked to produce a business plan.
  • Technical Expertise – Demanded by both MDPs and niche practices.
  • Confidence & Assertiveness – If you don’t have faith in yourself, why should the firm?
  • A Working Knowledge of the latest IT Products – Adds value to the business & allows you to work in virtual teams 24/7.
  • Adaptability to Cultural Change – You need to demonstrate a clear understanding of the firm’s ‘unspoken rules’ and be adaptable to change.
  • 100% Commitment to the Partnership – You need to demonstrate that you would put the needs of the firm before your own.
  • A Following – Ultimately, speaks volumes about your abilities. Firms look for proven abilities, calculations and figures.
  • General Management Skills – Including risk, staff, financial and marketing management.
  • Marketing/Business Development skills – As well as cross-selling, you must demonstrate your ability to actually ‘close the deal’.
  • An Understanding of CRM – You must bring an ability to understand your clients, your team and how to implement and monitor a successful CRM policy.
  • Delegation Skills – You must be able to manage your time by ‘letting go’ and trusting your colleagues.
  • Personality – Essential if you want to attract retain & motivate staff.
  • Networks & Peer Recognition – Essential to inject ‘fresh blood’ into the firm.

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