Pre and Post Interview Checklist

Oct 2021


  • Study job description, noting examples of relevant experience.
  • Research the interviewers, firm/organisations thoroughly, including their values and mission.
  • Industry/company news.  Are there any current affairs that may be affecting the firm/organisation?  Check firm/organisation website and social media for any recent news updates.
  • If it is a video interview check you are properly set up and the link is working.  For a face-to-face interview ensure you know where the office is a give yourself plenty of time to get there. 


  • Follow up.  Send a thank you message and reinforce your interest in the role (if you are!)
  • Be patient when waiting to hear a response.  This can sometimes be over a week.
  • If you don’t hear back within 7-14 working days, chase up.
  • If you are unsuccessful ensure you ask for feedback.  Reflect on this information and work on it for the future.

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