Motivation is key … Is it all about balance?

Apr 2017

Whilst recruitment of the right people is essential – much can be done with further education, training and staff evaluation to improve skills and add value to the service offered. This is linked to the increasing demands lawyers are making, and the fact that motivation is not always financial. Lawyers are increasingly looking at the work/life balance, and within this current climate, are less money oriented than quality of life oriented. This is also tied into ways in which people are looking to change the way they work. The ‘quick fix’ of a salary increase rarely works, lawyers want to have a life outside work, attitudes are changing. This does not mean that the solution can be found in working fewer hours – it comes down to the way we are working, and how we can improve what we are doing, without adding to the burden. This is equally an issue for clients, as they feel the knock on effect. Clients don’t want lawyers to be overworked, stressed, ill, underperforming, the market is too competitive.

Getting That Work-Life Balance Right | How to add value to the job?

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