Flexible working at FWA

Oct 2022

With this week officially been National Work Life Week, we thought we would share some of the ways FWA supports its employees in having a positive work/life balance.

With half of our employees having young families FWA realises the importance of a successful work/life balance and how it effects employee morale and performance.

We spoke with some staff members who have a young family and asked what they appreciated most about FWA’s flexible approach to working –

  • Flexibility to work remotely due to family commitments and lifestyle choices
  • Flexibility for agile working to allow time away from work for important child-related things
  • Time off around key calendar events e.g., Christmas
  • Flexibility on different work patterns to suit childcare arrangements
  • The ability to take my child to and from nursery/school and attend events during the working day
  • To eat dinner as a family every night
  • A very flexible hybrid working policy, which means we can split hours between the office and home to suit our own commitments each week.

These are some of the many reasons we love to be part of team FWA and of course, FWA are flexible with all employees, and everyone can enjoy the same benefits!

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