Five Secrets: How to Stay Ahead of Technology

Dec 2017

Since the 1990s, there has been a continued focus on developing client relationships, as the market becomes more competitive, and indeed we are finding ourselves in competition with technology itself. Since then we have found ourselves in an ongoing impossible race with technology.

Technology is taking over every industry, this affects the legal industry with legal work moving online and clients now able to source answers to their questions or legal queries themselves. We must utilise technology to help solve problems and not work against it. Yet Lawyers must ensure they add value to their Firms/services that cannot be found from technology, this will ensure clients do not remove Legal services completely from the legal process and they are ultimately not replaced in their Firm by technology.

Firms must understand the importance of client retention and the meaning of “customer life time value”, this is an area in which firms can beat technology. Promising a service and delivering on the promise will ultimately promote a higher-level of client care that will make lawyers of the future stand out. This will guarantee Firms continue to be the first port of call instead of a basic internet search.

You must make your advice different from that provided by an online (impersonal) service and to ensure you are seen as a front runner in the industry.

How to beat technology with excellent service?

  1. Correct training as well as appropriate training structures in place at all levels.
  2. Appropriate delegation that will free time of senior level lawyers to meet with clients and develop relationships.
  3. Junior level lawyers will also need improved delegation skills, in order to handle busy workloads, and make the necessary time available for their clients.
  4. The firm brand values must be implemented in the same manner throughout the whole organisation and clients should receive uniformly excellent, relevant advice and service.
  5. As a firm you must be providing the appropriate support so that your Lawyers feel both ready to deliver and proactive.

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