First day in your new job – time to make an impression!

Feb 2020

The day has arrived, you have been patiently and gracefully fulfilling your notice period, and it’s time to step into your new office – here are our top tips to help you ….

  • Dress for success – not only will you look the part; you will also feel it!
  • Be friendly – nerves can sometimes take over and not let our true personality shine through. Try to remember people’s names (as many of them as there may be!) and take up that offer of grabbing a coffee with your new colleague.
  • Have a plan in your mind: what do you want to achieve in your first day/week/month/quarter?
  • New job / new you: no-one knows you, so you can be whoever you want to be in this new environment. Consider the old rule of bringing your best attributes with you and leaving those less favourable ones at the door!
  • And lastly – enjoy it! You have done all the hard work to get here and you deserve every success 😊

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