Accepting a Counteroffer

Jul 2019

After receiving an offer of employment, you must consider whether it is going to benefit you and give you the opportunities that you are looking for.

If you decide accepting this new position is the right decision, be prepared for a strategic amount of persuasion from your current employer.

For employees to leave it is a costly inconvenience for employers, it takes time and money to find your replacement. You may be offered a salary increase, more benefits, an impressive title and promises of change. In reality you may be given a better salary or benefits package but after the first few months the reasons you wanted to leave will return. Or your employer will replace you due to you been a ‘problem employee’.

Don’t be fooled by a counteroffer from your employer, it will leave you with underlying doubt and questioning all aspects of your new employment terms.

12 reasons for NOT accepting counteroffers
1. Loyalty is important to employers, yours will always be questioned once it is known you were prepared to ‘jump ship’.
2. Say Goodbye to any promotions, your desire to move jobs has been noted and your commitment in question.
3. When economy takes a turn, you will be top of the list for cutbacks.
4. After 6 months when you are let go, it will be harder to turn them around than it was them for you.
5. Knowing you were bought will forever affect your personal pride.
6. After accepting a counteroffer the factors that drove you to look for a new job will not change.
7. Where has the money for you counteroffer came from…is this your next pay rise.
8. 75% to 90% of people leave their job 6 months after accepting a counteroffer.
9. Know your worth, you shouldn’t need to threaten to leave before your current employer shows appreciation.
10. Why have you never been offered this pay raise before? It’s because they didn’t think you were worth it.
11. They are only paying you this now because it’s easier and cheaper whilst they sort the problem out.
12. Finally you have to ask yourself, will things really change?

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